Man Spends Two Years, $8,000 to be Reunited with War Dog

It took several years and a lot of money out of his pocket, but finally military contractor Sheldon Holland got to fulfill the promise he made to his explosives detection dog years ago—to take him to see the ocean.

Holland worked with Django, a German Shepherd Dog, in Kandahar, Afghanistan, for a year and a half, reported News 24. When Holland had to return home to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, he promised Django that one day he’d bring him to live with him.

For the next two years, Holland fought to have Django sent from Afghanistan to South Africa, spending $8,000 of his own money, Fox News reported. And on August 10, he finally got his wish. After Django underwent a brief quarantine period, the pair was reunited (see the moving video of their reunion below). Django's excited response to see the handler he so closely bonded was an emotional experience for Holland.

“It feels amazing that he remembers me. I actually had a bit of doubt that he would know who I was but he has responded exactly how I had hoped he would,” he says.

And as he promised, he took Django to see the ocean. The pair visited the South Coast of Africa for a romp on the beach. Holland says he plans to move there so that his four-legged companion can enjoy his retirement with as much beach time as he likes.

“We have lots to catch up on. I need to sit him down and explain what has happened, and that he and I are never going to be separated again,” Holland said.

See the reunion here:

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