Research Study Proves What We Already Know: Bringing Dogs to Work Makes Employees Happier

Dogs make us happy, we all know that. And now, a recent study from Banfield Pet Hospital reports that allowing dogs in offices is a benefit to employees.

Banfield conducted the study earlier this year, surveying 1,006 employees and 200 human resource decision makers in the U.S.

The study asked employees their opinions and perceptions on pet-friendly workplaces and ultimately, the research concluded that pet-friendly workplaces lead to increased productivity and morale as well as higher employee retention.

Banfield's report also suggests that allowing pets at work leads to "reduced stress, greater work-life balance, and decreased guilt over leaving pets at home."

Ready the full research study here.

This study makes us even more excited for "Take Your Dog To Work Day" on June 24. Certainly having your furry-friend with you at your desk will make your work day less stressful and more "pawsitive."

Can't wait to bring your dog to work? Check out our tips for a great dog day in the office here.

See this pup hanging out in the AKC office in the video below.


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