Rescue Dog Saves Her Owner After Fall

Three years ago, Janet Wilhelm rescued Mabel. And now the black Labrador Retriever is repaying her owner.

Wilhelm was in her garage when she took a bad spill, fracturing her pelvis in five places, USA Today reported (scroll down for video).

She wasn’t able to move on her own, and no one else was home with her. “It was one of those moments where you’re like, ‘Am I gonna get out of this?’” Wilhelm recalls, with tears in her eyes. Mabel, the dog she brought home from an animal rescue three years ago, was nearby, so Wilhelm grabbed her collar. Then something extraordinary happened—the dog started backing up, slowly dragging Wilhelm forward. After a slow-moving hour and a half, Mabel had pulled Wilhelm into the home, where she could reach her phone and call her help.

Wilhelm is currently in physical therapy—but doctors believe her recovery would have been delayed if Mabel hadn’t helped her get timely medical care.

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