Syrian Refugee Teen Carries His Dog Across Border to Safety

The motivation for this 17-year-old Syrian refugee to carry a dog some 310 miles to safety with room for little else on his back was simple—and one we can all relate to: “I love my dog,” he said.

The teen named Aslan (his last name was not given) was captured in a video posted on Facebook by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees after walking from Syria’s war-torn capital Damascus to the Greek Island Lesbos.

According to the video, he was originally told he wasn’t able to bring his dog, named Rose, but the boy wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. “I need him,” he said. He put Rose in a pet carrier and created a passport for his pet. The pair arrived safely in Lesbos recently.

See the heartwarming video here:

I love my dog!

"Some people will ask - you have only a small bag?""Yes.""And you bring your dog?""Yes.""Why?""I love my dog!"Many animal lovers will relate to this 17-year-old boy from Damascus, Syria. And we've seen many like him carrying their animals with them on the long journey from Syria, across the Mediterranean Sea and through Europe. When forced to flee home because of war, many people would never dream of leaving their pets behind.

Posted by UNHCR on Saturday, September 19, 2015

And if that isn’t enough to make you break out the tissues, a Facebook user named Rose Aslan responded to the post with the following comment. “I find it serendipitous that the dog has my first name and the boy has my last name—is there any way I can get in touch with the boy? I'd love to help him out!” The UNHCR responded that they would be in touch with her.