NJ Police Officer Drives Basset Hound 650 Miles Home After Owner Becomes Ill

A Basset Hound is safe at home in South Carolina after temporarily getting stranded in New Jersey.

The owner of the dog became in need of medical attention while driving, causing Wall Township Ptl. Frank Kuhl to respond. The officer found the dog, named Bella, in the car with the owner. He brought the dog to a local animal-welfare organization that was able to house Bella for only 7 days before she would be rehomed. “Ptl. Kuhl promised the man that he would ensure that Bella got back to his family,” the Wall Police Department explained in a Facebook post.

After the week had passed and neither Bella’s owner nor her co-owner were able to pick her up, the officer took temporary control of Bella and kept her at home with his family, including two children, for several weeks. Finally, with the help of another officer, Ptl. Michael Tancredi, drove her 650 miles back down to South Carolina and reunited her with her family.

“I have two dogs at home, and I got a vibe that this guy feels the same way about dogs that I do,” Kuhl told CBS New York. He added that Bella got along well with his family. “I felt like we built a lot of memories.”

See Bella in the video below.




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