Police Dog And Partner Share A Sweet Moment

Deputy Chase Garrett of the Pima County Sheriff’s Office has been working with his K9 partner Manson for three years now. The 5-year-old Labrador Retriever is a narcotics detection dog, but when not on the clock, he lives at home with Garrett and enjoys showing affection, like seen in the photo below.

Since Garrett posted this photo of the two enjoying a sweet moment in the patrol car, it has been picked up by local and national news outlets and shared around the country.

“Most of the time if we’re just sitting there, he’ll plop his head on my shoulder and just sit there like that,” Garrett told KGUN9.


Garrett told KGUN9 he’s thankful the popularity of the post is bringing awareness to Manson and other police dogs.

“They don’t get the recognition because people don’t think of them as cops,” he said.

The American Kennel Club is trying to help with that perception. As of 2016, the AKC introduced the Canine Officer Program, which is open to all dogs serving in government roles. Read more about the program here.



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