Pokémon Go Players Find House Fire, Save Dog

Pokémon Go has become more than just a viral game for Randall Bishop of Royal Oak, Michigan. For Bishop, it's a life-saver. Thanks to the extremely popular location-based augmented-reality game, a couple discovered Bishop's house on fire. The pair called 911, leading to the rescue of Bishop's dog, and the extinguishing of the flames.

Stanley, Bishop's 10-year-old Flat-Coated Retriever, was alone in the house when the fire started. Patrick Awdish and Katelyn Zack saw the flames as they were walking around the neighborhood looking for Pokémon.

Royal Oak Fire Chief Jim Cook said the couple's quick thinking saved the house and the dog, Detroit Free Press reported.

"This whole 'Pokémon' thing is obviously a positive, in our aspect," Bishop told the Detroit Free Press.

Thanks to Awdish and Zack's Pokémon excursion, Stanley was rescued and is now safe.

Just like with Bishop's house, fires can occur unintentionally when we're not home, or most often from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m when people are sleeping. Check out our tips on how to prevent unintentional fires and keep your dog safe.

Obsessed with Pokémon Go? These dogs are in on the trend.



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