Ophelia the Pit Bull Now Walking After 200-Foot Fall from Overpass

Last week WTAE in Pittsburgh reported the story of an unlucky pit bull who’d fallen 200 feet from a parkway overpass—a dog who has since become very lucky. Named Ophelia by the Woodland Hills EMS who responded to a call from a woman trying to help the female dog, she was rushed to AVETS Emergency and Trauma Care in Monroeville. She had several broken bones and internal bleeding, and not surprisingly, she was in shock.

It was clear her vet bills would be substantial, so the EMS team chipped in $700 themselves for her initial care. She was then moved to Pittsburg Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center, where she’s now eating and has even taken some tentative steps on her road to recovery.

"With all of the love and support she is getting we are hopeful she will continue to improve everyday," PVSEC’s Dr. Christine Guenther told WTAE.

Best of all: A GoFundMe account was set up by her Woodland EMS rescuers to pay Ophelia’s medical expenses, with a goal of $10,000. As of today, the campaign has raised more than $13,300.

Ophelia is expected to make a full recovery and if an owner doesn’t claim her, she could be put up for adoption once she recovers. She does not have a microchip.

WTAE-TV Pittsburgh's report:




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