Pets Are Finally Allowed to Travel on Amtrak Trains

Good news for four-legged travelers. Amtrak, notorious for its no-exceptions no-pets policy (except for a few lines in Illinois), has expanded its Pets on Trains program to allow more dogs and cats to travel with passengers.

As of October 12, for a $25 fee (each way), passengers traveling between Boston, New York, Washington, and Virginia on the Northeast Regional line and between Boston and Brunswick, Maine, on the Downeaster line can bring one small dog (20 pounds max) or cat in an enclosed carrier. The trip must not exceed seven hours, and there can be no more than five pets on each train (not counting service dogs). Reservations are first-come, first-served.

The pilot program is set to expire on February 15, but the company will review its success and make a decision to continue it or not.

The Pets on Trains program was launched in Illinois beginning last year. Amtrak reported that more than 200 animals traveled through the program with no complaints or incidents.

For full details on Amtrak’s new policy, click here.

Remember, when traveling with your pet, safety is key. Click here for the AKC’s tips on traveling with your dog by plane, car, train, bus, and boat.