A Very Patriotic Puppy Playtime

Patriotism takes many forms, but perhaps the cutest of all is found in this video.

One of America's favorite breeds seems to equally favor America.

You can swell with national pride watching these Golden Retriever puppies play with flags and a few literal stars and stripes.

Their play is set to the Star Spangled Banner, just in case it wasn't already perfect enough already.


Happy Fourth of July, patriots! 
Want to see more pups who are super excited to celebrate independence? Look no further, check out these America-loving dogs below. 


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Want your dog to dress to impress for the Fourth? Check out some of this patriotic pup apparel. 


And as a special Fourth of July gift, get 10 percent off anything in the AKC Store when you use the code "JULY4" at checkout. The code is good through July 5. 


Lighting off fireworks this weekend? See our tips on keeping your dog safe and happy during fireworks here.  

Learn more on Fourth of July safety for dogs, here.

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