Parents Surprise Sons With Dog Who Was Stolen a Year Ago

Two young boys got an early holiday gift this year—the return of their puppy, Pippin, who was stolen last December.

The Esau family of Oregon got Pippin when she was only a few months old. According to the Portland Tribune (see slideshow below), the family was treating her for a skin condition and planned to train her to be a service dog for their 12-year-old son who is diabetic. Several months later, on the way home from the veterinarian, Pippin was taken from outside a store.

One year later, a tip led police to the home of Penelope Whipple, who had an arrest history for theft. At the home was Pippin. Police confirmed his identity by scanning a microchip.


According to KPTV (scroll down for video), Cara and Timothy Esau decided to surprise the children with the news of Pippin’s return on Monday evening. Timothy said Pippin remembered the family and seemed happy to be home. She also seemed well cared for, he noted. Her skin condition had completely healed.

“Christmas came early this year,” Esau told the Portland Tribune. “I didn’t expect to ever see her again, but here she is.”

Whipple is now facing charges of first-degree theft.


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