Clarifications to Dogs Kept in Outdoor Shelters Bill Welcomed by AKC

The Agriculture Committee at the New York State Assembly is working on a bill to amend current legislation about the standards for dogs kept in shelters outdoors. There are minimum requirements already provided in law for dogs kept outdoors in bad weather and extreme temperatures.  This helps give some reassurance and clarity to dog owners who keep dogs outdoors and ensures they are kept in humane conditions and protected from the elements. 

There are a number of different American Kennel Club recognized dog breeds that just love being outdoors and this is their natural environment. 

The key clarifications provided within the bill are that shade must cover the dog’s entire body when exposure to sunlight is likely to threaten the health of the dog. Dogs kept outside in inclement weather should have a waterproof roof which must completely cover the dog. The floor should be made of solid material with enough surface area for a dog to lie down comfortably. The outdoor shelters should have four enclosed sides, an entrance with a flap, and be the right size to allow natural body heat to build up in cold weather. And finally dogs should not be left outdoors if there is imminent danger of death or serious physical injury due to the weather unless the dog has a proper shelter or access to a sturdy building, like the office or residence of the dog owner. 

The AKC believes that all dogs should never be left in conditions where their health and safety are jeopardized.  You can read more detail in our Legislative Alert on Assembly Bill 7033 here.

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