Officer Performs Lifesaving CPR on Hypothermic Dog Stuck in Creek

A senior dog had a close call after becoming stuck in a creek during frigid temperatures this week. Fortunately for 15-year-old Rocky, two Good Samaritans—a local resident and a police officer—came to the rescue.

The dog’s owner, Janet Lane, who lives in Lake Orion, Michigan, let him outside around 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom. When he didn’t return, she launched a search, the Detroit Free Press reported.

There was no sign of Rocky until 19 hours later when Ruel Ramos, who lives nearby, heard sounds of a dog crying and called 911.

Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy Faisal Khawaja arrived on the scene and located Rocky unconscious and trapped in an icy creek. A statement from the sheriff’s office stated that the dog has “obvious signs of hypothermia” and “appeared to be lifeless.”

But Khawaja didn’t give up. “I started rubbing his chest, giving him chest compressions. Then I started to see signs of life,” Khawaja told WXYZ. He then wrapped the dog in a blanket and contacted Lane, whose number was on Rocky’s dog tag.

Rocky was reunited with his owner and treated at a veterinarian.

Note: We never recommend letting pets outside without a leash, especially on properties that are not protected by a fence and in any circumstance during cold weather. Pet owners who live in Indianapolis can now face a fine and possibly have their dog confiscated for allowing their pets outdoors alone during extreme weather. Read more here.

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