Officer, K-9 Partner Retire Together After Decade Of Service

Virginia Tech police officer Larry Wooddell has spent the past 30 years in law enforcement, with the last eight years paired up with a very special partner, a bomb-sniffing Labrador Retriever named Boomer. The pair has clocked in and out for nearly every shift together, and now they are retiring together, according to The Roanoke Times.


Their relationship began immediately, bonding over their very first call as a team— a drug-related shooting where the suspect took off running into the woods. Boomer was sent ahead to follow the scent and Officer Wooddell soon caught up to find the K-9 sitting at the spot where the gunman had buried his weapon. Wooddell told The Roanoke Times that this was when Boomer earned, "What we call in the K-9 world, 'street cred.'"

Since their first call together, the team has gone on to sniff out stages for President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as well as other large events and local threats.


The duo also worked as a part of Virginia Tech's Police Department as one of their three K-9 units.

"Not only is Boomer the best explosives-detection K-9 in the New River Valley, but he and Larry have been excellent ambassadors [for the university]," Local Police Chief Kevin Foust said.

The department plans to train another team after Larry and Boomer's last day on the job sometime in early April, per The Roanoke Times.


When asked how the pair plans to celebrate their well-earned retirement, Larry told reporters that Boomer will live on his, "five-acre property and get to live a typical dog’s life complete with car rides and walks on the greenway."


"We’re a team," Officer Wooddell said. "We certify as a team; train as a team; do everything as a team." And now the two will be moving on together into the next stage of their lives as the team they have always been.


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