​New Law In Ohio Protects Injured Dogs And Cats

First responders like police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians frequently go above and beyond to rescue animals from dangerous situations, including house fires, automobile accidents, and more.

Now Ohio lawmakers are making it easier for these individuals to take lifesaving measures without the fear of liability.

The state’s House Bill 187, which goes into effect on August 31, authorizes first responders to provide emergency medical services to a dog or cat, an amendment to the previous legislation with allowed only veterinarians to issue first aid to companion animals.

Under the new law, emergency workers will be able to do the following in order to save an animal’s life (as long as they are licensed to perform the same on a person): open and maintain airways, administer oxygen, apply bandaging, immobilize fractures, and control hemorrhaging. They are also exempt from liability unless there was willful misconduct.

Read the full bill with amended language here.


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Emergency First Aid for Dogs

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