New Law Allows New Yorkers to Rest in Peace With Their Pets

If you and your dog are inseparable, you can now carry that sentiment to the Great Beyond—at least if you live in New York or another state with similar legislation to the one NY Governor Andrew Cuomo signed Monday, September 26.

The new law allows people to be buried with the cremated remains of their pet, provided the cemetery approves it. The law does not apply to cemeteries owned or operated by religious groups.

“From companion animals to retired military service dogs, this new law honors the memory of the special relationships that exist between New Yorkers and their pets,” said George Webster, president of the New York State Association of Cemeteries, said.

Other states have similar legislation already in effect, although the details vary. In July, Henry’s Law was enacted in Michigan, allowing former Michigan City Police Officer and K-9 Handler Rob Grant to be buried with the cremated remains of his K-9 partner, Henry. Grant and Henry passed away within about a month of each other, Fox 59 reports. The Michigan law, however, applies only to service dogs and police dogs.

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