Watch: “I Never Thought I Would Feel Happy Again …”

Vicky Neville has not always had it easy.
After enduring years of loss, including a divorce, the death of her soul mate sister, and of her three beloved Bulldogs, she fell into chronic depression and was finally hospitalized. While in recovery, she heard about the Mr. Mo Project, a nonprofit that finds loving homes for senior dogs.

Fast forward to Easter Sunday, when Mr. Mo Project founders Chris and Mariesa Hughes arrived at Vicky’s home with a sweet-faced senior pit bull named Macy. Far better than a chocolate bunny, Vicky and Macy connected instantly. Her life began to change that day. “I loved Macy the first time I saw her,” says Vicky. “She was so special.”

Vicky rediscovered all of the activities that had given her life meaning before the string of heartaches, and it was Macy who got her there. Says Vicky, “I love doing anything with her. Just being with her makes me happy.”

The Mr. Mo Project works to save senior dogs nationwide. Through the support of their partners, they even cover many expenses for the life of the dog, including veterinary- and wellbeing care, and food and supplies. The Hughes’ named the project after their late and adored senior buddy, Mr. Mo, who had been surrendered at a shelter just because of his age.


Here’s Vicky, in her own words, with Macy by her side. (Where else would she be?)



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Video produced by Elise Vaux and shot/edited by Matthew Kravitsky Courtesy HooplaHa, a digital brand whose original video segments include real people and personal stories, and named “one of the ten happiest places on the internet” by the Huffington Post.