NC State Rep. Presents Best in Show Award at Durham Kennel Club Show

North Carolina State Representative Marilyn Avila (Dist. 40- Wake County) presented the Best in Show award at the Durham Kennel Club show in March.

Avila, who was invited to the show by the American Kennel Club, has been a strong supporter of responsible dog owners and breeders during her tenure at the General Assembly, and was warmly greeted by spectators and exhibitors as she presented the trophy for Best in Show award to breeder/owner/handler Ken Wall and his Irish Setter Ch. Militza’s My Cherie Amour.

Rep. Avila also had the opportunity to tour the show at the NC State Fairgrounds, meet exhibitors and dog owners, and learn more about AKC dog shows and all the AKC does to promote responsible dog ownership and breeding.

“It was such fun to see people so passionate about their amazing dogs!” she said of her experience at the event.

AKC conformation dog shows recognize, encourage, and reward  responsible purebred dog breeding and humane care.  They also bring significant tangible economic benefit  to the communities that hold the shows.

AKC dog shows also provide a great opportunity for the public to come and learn about different dog breeds and talk with experts in the breed to learn specifics about the dogs and which breeds are right for your family and lifestyle.

The American Kennel Club encourages legislators and general public to watch for dog shows in your community and take some time to come out and see the beautiful dogs and learn more about these shows and responsible dog ownership.

AKC is also pleased to work with legislators like Representative Avila in North Carolina and others around the country to ensure that responsible dog ownership and breeding are celebrated, encouraged, and promoted in communities throughout the United States.

Photos © AKC. Top Photo: Presenting the trophy to owner/breeder/handler Ken Wall and his Irish Setter Ch. Militza’s My Cherie Amour. Below Photo: Rep Avila holding the Russell Terrier GCH Golds and’s Billie Jean, who won Best in Show on Thursday.