Top Five Most and Least Expensive Cities to Have a Dog

This infographic from Trupanion compiles their own data with that of and real estate brokerage firm Redfin to break down the cost of dog ownership using three criteria: Housing, Healthcare, and Pet Care. Combining these factors les to some very interesting results.

Where will it cost you the most to live with a canine companion?

1) San Francisco, California

2) Fort Lauderdale, Florida

3) Aurora, Colorado

4) Portland, Oregon

5) Chula Vista, California

Where will you find the best bargains for your buddy?

1) Phoenix, Arizona

2) The Woodlands, Texas

3) Nashville, Tennessee

4) Detroit, Michigan

5) Fayetteville, North Carolina

When it comes to dog-friendly real estate, it would be logical to assume that it always costs more to have a canine roomie. For instance, in Aurora, Colorado, dog-friendly rentals are an average of 20% more than overall rental costs, and in Portland, Oregon it's 14%.

However, in Phoenix, Arizona, tenants can expect to pay 21% less for a dog-friendly home, and in The Woodlands, Texas, it's an 11% reduction.

We know you’d want your dog wherever you live. Is your city on the list?

5 most and least expensive cities to own a dog

If you’re relocating (and hopefully it’s to a less expensive city!), here’s some help.


-Erika Mansourian