Michigan War Dog Memorial Honors Two Military Working Dogs

Working dogs deserve our thanks, appreciation, and respect, especially those on the front lines as police K-9s or Military Working Dogs. These dogs and their handlers spend many years serving and sacrificing on behalf of the citizens of our nation. We celebrate many deserving dogs every year by awarding the AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence. Read some of the previous winners' stories.  

The Michigan War Dog Memorial is honoring these dogs in a different way, by providing full military honors as dogs that have served our country are laid to rest. The non-profit organization also educates the general public on the heroics of K-9s through presentations and seminars. 

The dogs are given a burial service with full honor guard, TAPS, Bagpipes, Canine Salute (in lieu of firearms salute), presentation of the flag and final burial site. This is at no cost to the service member who was the canine’s companion and everything is done by volunteers.

This past Saturday, two military dogs were interred and honored for their service:;

MWD “Pito” – L590 – US Air Force

Patrol Explosive Detection
87th Security Forces Squadron
Iraq * Afhganistan * USSS * OIF * OEF

MWD “Bady” H-163 US Navy

Patrol Explosive Detection Dog
87th Security Forces Squadron
Kuwait * Iraq * USSS * Seal Team 5 * 9th ESB * 3/2 Marines * OUR

We thank these dogs for their service!

Learn more about the work of the Michigan War Dog Memorial.