Dog Returns Home Safely After 1,200-Mile Journey Thanks To A Microchip

A dog that got lost and traveled 1,200 miles has been reunited with her owner thanks to her microchip. Missy vanished from her hometown in Southern Illinois and was found three weeks later in New Hampshire, FoxCarolina reported.

For the entire time that Missy was gone, her owner Ken Swisher had been calling neighbors, veteranians, and local shelters to see if anyone had a lead. Swisher found no sign of his dog until a shelter in New Hampshire gave him a call. 

Missy was found on a highway by a man who brought her to Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire. After scanning her microchip, the organization contacted Swisher who was relived to hear that his dog was found. Swisher said the microchip in Missy is what got her back home.

 “We knew we had the chip in her, and that way we could get her back," Swisher said. "Otherwise, we would have never known what happened to her.”

See the full story below:

FOX Carolina 21

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