Mysterious Man Caught on Video Saving Dog From Burning Home

When a house caught on fire with the homeowners out of town, a stranger came to the rescue.

Tennessee news station WSMV reported that as a fire blazed through the home, neighbors watched a man pull up to the home. “I do this for a living,” he said, running into the home. He then came out with carrying a dog. Only about 30 seconds later, the neighbors told WSMV, the ceiling collapsed. The neighbors cared for the dog until the family got home as the man left as quickly as he came.

The whole rescue was caught on film by a musician named Jimmy Nichols. Later in the day, the station revealed that the man was Tim Tawater, a 20-year veteran of the Nashville Fire Department, who was his way to a birthday party when he saw the flames. A dog lover, he knew it was important to find out if there was a pet in the home. “You got to figure that if there’s a dog in the house, the dog is definitely family,” he told WSMV.

The homeowners, Brandon and April Gorley, were on their way on vacation when the incident happened, and a friend who was watching the house had gone to the store.

The dog is a Bouvier des Flandres puppy named Sampson.

See it here:

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