Man Reunited With Lost Service Dog During TV Interview

Sometimes the most poignant television moments are the ones that are unscripted.

The Cooper family of Lexington, Kentucky, were being interviewed for local television station LEX 18 after their service dog, Cooper, had gone missing almost four days ago.

During the beginning of the interview, during which Jason and Carolyn Cooper explained to the reporter why Radar is so much more than just a family pet or even a typical service dog. The Coopers recently lost their two daughters, who were born with a genetic condition, and Radar used to watch over them. They consider Cooper their last connection to the girls.

“He’s completely part of his lives, and we just need him back,” Jason said.

The interview took an abrupt turn, however, when Jason spotted a brown animal about a half mile away from the property. As the cameras continued rolling, he and the news crew ran toward the animal. It was Radar. “I got him!” he yelled.

The interview ended with Cooper embracing the dog and crying tears of relief.

“I had hope, but I was afraid,” he said.

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