Mailman Builds Ramp for Senior Dog in His Neighborhood

A mailman in Boulder, Colo. has delivered big time for a family on his route... and we're not just talking in terms of mail.​

Mailman Jeff Kramer has built a ramp for senior dog, Tashi, whom he befriended while traveling his daily route.

Tashi, who belongs to the Dimetrosky family, is a Black Labrador Retriever who recently began having trouble going up and down the stairs—so much so that his owners had to resort to carrying him, FCN reports.

Kramer noticed the family's routine, and knew he could help. He had the pieces for the ramp in his yard, as he had used the same materials for his own senior dog, Odie.

“He just brought it over one day,” Tashi’s owner Karen Dimetrosky told FCN.

Now, Tashi can walk up and down the ramp to greet his mailman friend.

"I had the pieces, they had the need. It’s just what you should do is take care of people that need taking care of and dogs that need taking care of,” Kramer said.

And while mailmen and dogs typically don't go together, in this case, Kramer and Tashi have a special bond.

"In my opinion, if you’re not a dog person and you’re a mailman, you’re in the wrong line of work," Kramer said.

See Kramer and Tashi in the video below.



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