Macomb Kennel Club Provides Scholarship for Local Vet Tech Program

Kudos to the Macomb Kennel Club (Michigan) for donating $1,000 to Macomb Community College. The money has been used to fund a student scholarship in the school's Veterinary Technician program. 

Lori Renda-Francis, PhD, LVT, the Macomb Community College Veterinary Technician Program Director said, "It is all too common that we have students who cannot fulfill their educational goals due to financial reasons and this scholarship really helped."

More than 15 students applied for the scholarship and it was awarded to Jacquelyn Anderson, pictured above with the Macomb Community College mascot, "Quiz."

"I am so honored to have been chosen as the recipient for the Macomb Kennel Club Scholarship," Jacquelyn said. "The club's generous donation has motivated me even more to thrive in the Vet Tech program at Macomb. I am now able to concentrate on what is most important to me, education. The donation has allowed me to be one step closer to accomplishing my dreams. I hope to help other vet tech students achieve their goals one day just as MKC has for me. Once again, I sincerely thank the Macomb Kennel Club from the bottom of my heart."

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