Clubs in the News: Southern Oregon Kennel Club Spotlights K9 Officer at Show

The Southern Oregon Kennel Club held a weekend of dog shows in November, and in between show ring competition, a very special dog showed off his abilities. K9 Remco, purchased last year by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office after a $10,000 donation from the kennel club, demonstrated suspect apprehension work and other police skills.  

Remco has been on patrol with Sheriff's Deputy Thomas Hohl ever since finishing up his training in August 2015. 

“Remco is a tracking dog, a patrol dog, he tracks people’s scent, human scent, and he can apprehend them if necessary, with his mouth,” said Hohl. 

Watch part of the demo and listen to an interview with Deputy Hohl here

Remco, donated by Southern Oregon Kennel Club