K-9 Officers Receive Tactical Vests After Local Kennel Club Donation

Two K-9 officers in Charlotte, North Carolina will be more equipped to do their jobs thanks to donations from the Piedmont Kennel Club.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department was able to purchase two tactical K-9 vests after a $2,000 donation from the PKC. Now, all 14 canine officers have these vests.

"We think it's very important to support our local police department," Piedmont Kennel Club Treasurer Dean Burwell told WCNC. "We'd like to see them expand their K-9 units and be able to support the community much better."

The tactical vests are not bulletproof, but they help distribute pressure evenly around the dog as they lead their human partners on searches.

"I basically rely on his nose and I follow the cues that he gives me-- his body language, things of that nature, and then we try to track down the bad guy," Officer Tim Keiffer told WCNC.

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Header photo: Dean Burwell of the Piedmont Kennel Club presents the tactical vests to the CMPD. Photo courtesy Piedmont Kennel Club.