Go Team USA! Talented Juniors Selected for European Open Agility Competition

Since 1996 the AKC has been sending teams to compete internationally at Agility competitions. We are proud to announce our team of Junior Handlers who will travel to represent Team USA in July in the Czech Republic at the European Open Junior Team competition

The sport of agility shows a dog's willingness to work with his handler as they negotiate a timed obstacle course together. This sport needs fitness, concentration, training, and teamwork. Agility is a fun way to bond with your dog as well as being great exercise. To participate you don’t need to compete and lots of people take an agility class to have some fun. Be warned though, the agility bug bites and you might become addicted and start competing.

We wish all our Junior Handlers and their dogs the best of luck. A special mention and thank you to their team coach Susan Cochran and team manager Karen O’Neil.

Team USA

  • Morgan and Tyme

  • Mike and Kasha

  • Tessa and Zippy

  • Rebecca and Claire

  • Gabi and Ruby

  • Kai and Stitch

  • Claire and Ama

  • Claire and Rex