It’s Like a Zoo Around Here! In a Good Way.

We already know that many people would actually take a pay cut if they could bring their dogs to work with them each day. It’s also well documented that dogs in the work place relieve stress, help people communicate with each other better, and increase overall job satisfaction.

Companies large and small are adopting more dog-friendly policies, and seeing four-legged colleagues around the office is now the norm in many workplaces. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, about 8% of U.S. companies allow pets at work, and the practice seems to be especially prevalent among tech firms.

Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that dogs may have to make some room on the office couch for less traditional pet species. Turns out they might not be the only animals who can add a soothing vibe to their owner’s office environment.

To find out, reporter Rachel Feintzeig spoke to the owners of Stunner, a 73-pound pig; Lord Jello Worthington II (Jello, to his friends), a four-year-old emerald green parakeet; Java, a brown-and-green python; and Minsky and Moscow, a pair of ferrets. Each of these lucky employees gets to bring their buddy to work with them.

Adam Park, who works at the Seattle headquarters of Inc., says that Java is named after the computer programming language … and the coffee container he came in. Not everyone is a fan of snakes, so attending meetings with Java can present challenges. The WSJ reports:

During one, the snake lay curled in Mr. Park’s lap, and soon wrapped himself tightly around the arm of Mr. Park’s chair. He wouldn’t let go, and with people waiting to use the conference room, Mr. Park had to wheel the chair out of the room, snake attached.

It was, however, exciting for Park’s Amazon colleagues to watch Java shed his skin one day at the office.

Jessica Greenwalt says her pet parakeet Jello is an easy commuting companion when she travels with him to her job in San Francisco. She tells Feintzeig that he has yet to learn the nuances of video conference call etiquette. During a recent call Jello walked in front of the camera and, well … “My team got the full view of parakeet poop,” Greenwalt admits.

Dogs may not need to worry about office politics just yet after all.

Jello the parakeet keeps staff spirits flying high.

-Erika Mansourian