International Team Trials Announcement

World's Most Agile Dogs To Compete May 2–3

Canine competitors from all over the nation are gathering this weekend at the Hopkins Pavilion, in Hopkins, Minnesota, for a chance to show that they can fly, climb, weave, balance, tunnel, and dash better than any other dogs on the planet.

It's the 2015 AKC International Team Tryouts (ITT), sponsored by J&J Dog Supplies, which will determine who will compete in two overseas trials. The first will be the European Open (EO), to be held July 24 to 26, in Rieden, Germany, in which 32 American teams will compete. The second event is the FCI Agility World Championships (AWC), scheduled for October 8 to 11 in Bologna, Italy, for which the ITT will pick the 12 canine/handlerteam members.

Agility stars say the ITT is one of the three most important U.S. events of their year, the other two being the AKC Agility Invitational and the AKC National Agility Championship.

Fans of the sport will be able to catch every jump, tunnel, and blooper, if you are into that, with a live stream of the whole weekend.

You’ll also be able to keep up with the results.