Homeless Man Buys Chocolates For Police Officers Who Saved His Dog

A police officer who went above and beyond her duties to help a dog in need received a sweet surprise from a very grateful owner.

PC Lou Richards, who serves as a mounted officer with the Metropolitan Police in London, England, intervened when the dog of a homeless man was injured.

The dog, a Rottweiler named Rocco, had gotten loose and was hit by a car, causing an injury to his hind leg. Richards and her fellow officers found the dog and took him to a nearby veterinary clinic. When the owner, Darren Thornton, was identified as homeless, the veterinarian treated Rocco for free.

Several days later, BBC reported, the officers received a package from Thornton addressed to the “Three Angels.” In the package was a box of chocolates and a holiday card thanking them for saving Rocco.

Thornton previously worked as a dog walker, according to BBC, and Rocco was the dog of one of his elderly clients. When she entered a senior-care home, Thornton took Rocco in.

“Since then, the two of them have been inseparable and it has meant a lot to Darren that our officers were able to ensure Rocco received the care he needed,” said PC Cath l’Anson, another officer on the force.

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