Hero Dog Breaks Window to Get Help For Owner

Anyone who knows dogs will attest to the incredible feats that they are capable of, from inspiring us with their cuteness to protecting and serving our communities as K-9 officers.

And one particular dog in New Jersey is no exception.

The dog, from Northvale, NJ, is being hailed a hero after breaking a window to get help for his owner, who suffered from "an unknown medical event," NJ.com reports.

It appears that the woman had been unconscious inside her home for several days until her dog was able to secure her help.

"We believe that the dog inside the home heard the two women talking as they walked past the home and broke the glass with its paws in an attempt to get their attention, which led to their owner being rescued," Northvale Police Chief William Essmann said.

The dog certainly went to all lengths to help his owner, who, according to Chief Essmann, is in an intensive care unit at the local hospital.

Hopefully dog and owner can be reunited soon.

Although nominations are now closed, this dog would have made a great candidate for the "Exemplary Companion" category of the ACE Awards.

To learn more about the pups who have been recognized for their outstanding work, check out last year's winners, here.

And to see another dog-hero, check out K-9 Zeke in the video below.




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