Heartbroken Dog Waits Weeks For Murdered Owner To Return

On February 7, 54-year-old Hatem Abuharbid was tragically shot and killed during a robbery of the convenience store where he worked, ABC News affiliate KTRK reported (scroll down for video).

His dog was at home when the incident happened, and neighbors reported that he waited weeks for his owner to return, wandering around the apartment complex. "He would follow the cars and when he would realize that it was not his owner's car, he would just stand there and look helpless," neighbor Cassandra Eubanks told KTRK.

Neighbors offered the dog food and water, but were unable to capture him. Finally, Maranda Perez who learned about the story from social media, came to the complex and spent an hour earning the dog’s trust, KTRK reported. She then took him home and said that Abuharbid’s brother will give him a permanent home—she plans on keeping him until then.

See the full story:

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