Golden Retriever Lost After Car Crash Makes it Home 18 Months Later

For a year and a half, Murphy was on the run. Now, the Golden Retriever is finally back home. The dog became lost after his owner’s granddaughter got into a car accident with Murphy as a passenger, WCAX reported.

For the next 559 days, the owner, Ed Hamel, and his neighbors searched for Murphy, even attempting to capture him when he was spotted several times. But when neighbor Wilson Ring saw Murphy in a field near his house, he got creative. He used a humane trap rigged with a magnet and an electric eye to capture Murphy as he went after the food Ring had left out. Previous attempts to trap the dog with a less sophisticated system were unsuccessful. This one worked.

Hamel reported that when Murphy got home, he found his toy right away and seemed happy to be back.

“It was like a light bulb came on,” Hamel told WCAX. “Hey! I’m home!” The community also raised funds to get Murphy get back to full health.

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