Get Set for Spring with Free NYC Canine Good Citizen Testing on March 29th

The AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is a great way to prepare your dog for all kinds of activities for spring and summer. Here’s how just a few of the CGC test items can make for a safer and happier summer:

  1. Sit is useful if you want to take your dog with you when you go to sip Mai Tais at outdoor bistros.
  2. Come is essential if you plan to take off the leash and hike, swim, or romp on the beach with your canine pal.
  3. Walking Through a Crowd is one thing you’ll need if you’d like your dog to accompany you to a boardwalk of summer festival.
  4. Supervised Separation will be helpful if you have to leave your dog with friends when it’s your turn to fetch the next round of Mai Tais at the outdoor bistro.

More than 40 New York City dogs became warm-weather ready this winter, by passing either the CGC or the CGC-Advanced (CGCA) at our earlier meetups. Your canine pal could be next.

Sign up for our next session of free CGC testing. You’ll get free training and, if you pass, a free certificate, rosette, and an AKC title. Best of all, you’ll have a dog who’s ready to plunge, with all four paws, into summer fun.

Check out the details on our Meetup page.