Meet The FBI’s Newest Recruit: An Electronics-Sniffing K-9

Iris, a black Labrador Retriever, has joined the FBI as the Bureau's first electronics-detection K-9. Iris is one of only a select number of dogs who have been trained by the Connecticut State Police to sniff out items such as thumb drives, cell phones, hard drives, and computers, according to NBC.

Iris can detect a chemical used to cool memory chips, allowing her to sniff out evidence criminals might have hidden.

"It will make our jobs a little bit easier and it’ll ensure that we find all of the pieces of evidence that we need to find," Michael Brodack, assistant special agent in charge of the Newark FBI office, told NBC News.

Iris works with her handler, FBI Agent Jeffery Calandra. "I place [electronics] in places that I think are ridiculously hard to find and she finds everything," he said.

The K-9 has only been working with the FBI for a month and she has already helped solve cases, according to NBC.

See Iris' impressive electronic-sniffing skills in the video below:



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