Firefighters Pull Dog From Icy Pond In Utah

A Utah dog’s instinctual urge to chase after ducks got him into a bit of hot water—or, rather, cold water.

The dog, named Tucker, was on a walk with his owner when he spotted ducks in a nearby partially frozen pond and raced across the ice to jump into the freezing water, KSL-TV reported. After attempting to retrieve the dog himself, the owner called 911. The Unified Fire Authority responded to the scene quickly, and a firefighter wearing a water suit was able to enter the pond and lift Tucker out of the water. The fire department posted a video of the rescue, which happened about 15 minutes after the dog fell into the water, on its Facebook page:

Later, the department posted an update from Tucker’s family with a special message to them for their brave efforts.


Tucker's family reports that he is home and no worse for the wear.

Posted by Unified Fire Authority on Monday, January 4, 2016

Although this incident had a happy ending, let it serve as a reminder to keep your pet on a leash while walking near any dangerous areas, including ice, cliffs, and areas known to have large predators present.

Get more winter safety tips from the American Kennel Club here.

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