Image Of Firefighter Saving Dog With Oxygen Mask Goes Viral

A firefighter in Australia is credited with saving the life of a dog by quickly affixing an oxygen mask to his face after pulling him from a burning home.

The fire broke out Sunday night, possibly originating from a television, ABC reported. Neighbors reported smoke, and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade responded to the scene and quickly put out the blaze. When the owner learned about the situation, she asked fire crew to find her dog, Angus. The dog was located hiding under a bed.

After bringing the dog outside, a fire officer applied an oxygen mask to his face. The moment was captured in a photo, which has been shared on social media all over the world.

A neighbor of the resident said on Facebook that the fire team worked “like a well-oiled machine.”

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade reported that the dog was doing well and has been reunited with the owner.

“[He] is lucky to be alive,” they wrote.


Firefighters rescued this lucky pup Angus from a house fire in Vermont this evening. Crews had extinguished the blaze,...

Posted by MFB (Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board) on Sunday, December 6, 2015

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