Firefighter Jumps Into Frozen River To Save Dog

Firefighters came to the rescue after a dog fell in the frozen Huron River on Wednesday afternoon, February 17.

After the dog fell during a walk, Good Samaritans tried to assist in the rescue, The Ann Arbor News reported, but the dog swam further into the river.

Fortunately, the fire team responded, complete with ice-rescue suits, which allowed them to safely go into the water and return the frightened animal to his owner.

“The dog is shaken up and cold,” Fire Battalion Chief Robert Vogel told the local news station. “The owner is very grateful.”

Vogel urges owners to let this be a reminder to keep pets on a leash, especially around water.

Also this week, in Pennsylvania, a Golden Retriever was stuck in a sinkhole for two days before being rescued by firefighters, the Centre Daily reported.

The team created a harness "on the fly" to secure the dog, and one member, Dennis Harris, climbed into the sinkhole to secure the harness on her. She was then lifted out of the hole and reportedly is doing well.

“[She] was in good shape, which was helpful for the rescue. [She] kind of sensed what was happening and was very cooperative,” Fire Director Steve Bair said.

See the rescue here:

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