Explorers Find Abandoned Puppy in Desert and Make Him Their Mascot

Cedar Wright and Alex Honnald enjoy to suffer. But they don’t wish it upon anyone else, especially a little puppy.

Wright and Honnald were embarking on the second leg of what they call “Sufferfest”—an 800-mile bike ride through the Southwest, including summiting 45 towers. While in the middle of the desert, Wright discovered a puppy hiding in a tire. “I quickly realized he had been abandoned,” Wright said in an article in National Geographic’s Explorers Journal.

The pair managed to feed the pup some string cheese and give him water, and they made him a kennel out of an old box and rags. The puppy continued the journey with the two men. Wright and Honnald named him Sufferpup and found him to be not only a mascot, but also a bit of a motivator on the tougher days on the trails.

“For me, it was like ‘thank goodness for Sufferpup,’ because when you’re just pushing yourself to your absolute limit ... it’s really heartening at the end of the day to come down and have this adorable little puppy to cuddle with,” Wright said in the article.

When the pair returned home, Sufferpup went to a home in Boulder, Colorado.

See the moment Sufferpup is discovered (and what he looks like all grown up) in this video:


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