Two Terrified Dogs Rescued From California Freeway


Two stray dogs became trapped on a freeway in Fontana, California, Wednesday morning. Fortunately, the California Highway Patrol and Fontana Police Department rushed to their rescue. The dogs were found shaking in a divider on the 210 Freeway. Police blocked the road, and animal services retrieved the dogs, who were both unharmed.

According to the police department’s public information coordinator Martha Guzman-Hurtado, the dogs did not have collars and were not microchipped. They were taken to the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter on Wednesday, November 4.

Police posted this video of the dogs after being rescued—still seeming scared and not knowing they're on their way to a safe place.

It was not as dramatic a rescue as when a group of bikers saved a dog from a highway in Brazil last year (scroll down for video), but it was still a happy ending.

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