Two Dogs Fall off Cliffs, Both Miraculously Survive

In two separate incidents this week, dogs fell off cliffs and walked away, for the most part, unscathed.

Bracyn, an elderly, vision-impaired Welsh Springer Spaniel, ran off a 100-foot cliff in Dorset, England, The Daily Mirror reported. He was with his owners, who opted to let him off-leash because he was pulling and they were worried he’d drag them off the cliff. After the fall, Bracyn underwent surgery, and the Mirror reports he is doing well.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a two-year-old mixed breed named Angel fell about 600 feet off a cliff on the Sam Merrill Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains while running with his owner. First responders were lowered down the cliff to rescue the dog and, using a harness designed for dogs, lowered him to the bottom of the canyon, KTLA reported (scroll down for video). Angel had only a scratch on his nose after the fall and was reunited with his owner.

See the daring rescue, which was caught on camera: