Dogs Donate Blood to Save Injured K-9

When Boise, Idaho K-9 Jardo was injured in the line of the duty, two dogs came to his rescue. Jardo was shot while in pursuit of a suspect on Friday Nov. 11 and was rushed immediately to WestVet Emergency and Speciality Center.

Jardo was in pretty bad shape; he had lost a lot of blood and needed help. That's where Myles the Golden Retriever stepped in.

Myles belongs to Nichole Zacharias, a technician at WestVet. When Jardo came in, Zacharias knew Myles could offer the help he needed.

Myles, along with another dog, donated almost a liter of blood, and in doing so, saved Jardo's life. Jardo was able to return home with his handler just a day after major surgery.

And this isn't the first time Myles has offered life-saving assistance. This is the fifth time Myles has donated blood to a dog in need. Every time Myles has stepped in to help, the dog has survived.

A blood donation can mean the difference between life and death, Zacharais told KTVB. She believes that Myles was put on this Earth to help others.

"There's something about him," she said. "He's unique and special."

Way to go, Myles! What a difference you're making in the lives of other dogs and their owners. We're so glad to hear that you helped K-9 Jardo, and that he's home and recovering.

See Myles the Golden Retriever in the video below.

To learn more about canine blood donation, check out this helpful article from the Canine Health Foundation.



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