Is Your Dog a Blur of Fur in Photos? New Smartphone Attachment Nabs the Perfect Pic

You have perfected the art of the selfie—you know exactly how to pose, what to do with your face, how to convey that “effortless perfection” we’re always hearing about. Snapping a pic of your dog that isn’t just a close-up of whiskers or a shot of his back end as he trots away—that’s a little trickier. Doesn’t he realize your Instagram followers are waiting? (OK, they’re probably not, but let's imagine they are.)

If you have a dog who is motivated by squeaky toys, the Pooch Selfie may work well for getting your dog’s attention long enough to snap a decent photo. The attachment is a plastic clip designed to snap onto iPhones and Galaxy’s, though it will work with most tablets and smartphones. The Pooch Selfie ball then slides into the clip.

Here’s how it works:

Still in the funding phase, via a Kickstarter campaign, the product will be ready to hit the market soon and will probably be the focus of a lot of attention.


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