Dog Missing For Over A Year Found Stuck In Storm Drain

In October 2014, a puppy named Cookie went missing from his home. He was finally located in Maryland last week, but getting him back to his owner required a bit of a team effort.

According to ABC News (scroll down for video), the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier was spotted stuck in a storm drain by a man walking his Great Dane nearby.

Officials from Montgomery County Animal Services and the local fire team spent three hours trying to rescue the frightened dog from the drain, including removing the bars and using a wad of towels attached to a fire hose to gently drive him to the other end of the pipe. Once he was within reaching distance, rescue workers were able to use a net to safely remove him.

Fox 8 reported that the owner was located that same day and has since brought Cookie home. It is unknown how long the dog was in the storm drain, but he reportedly was not malnourished at the time of rescue.

See the full story:

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