Dog Kisses Firefighter After Dramatic Water Rescue Caught on Film

When a Texas man and his dog became trapped in flood waters, firefighters completed a daring rescue to save them both—and were thanked with a big, slobbery kiss.

CBS-DFW reported that Edward Emmerich and his dog, a Belgian Malinois named Duke, who are both homeless, were overcome by a flood that suddenly hit their encampment. Emmerich held Duke above the water on his shoulders and managed to call 911. The McKinney Fire Department picked up his location from his cell phone and responded to the scene. A firefighter was attached to a rope and lowered down to Emmerich, who was then lifted from the waters along with Duke.

Fireman rescuing dog

Photographer Michael O’Keefe of First Response Photography (who also posted the video of the rescue below), managed to snap shots of the rescue, including the moment Duke “thanked” the rescuer for saving him.

“His feet hit the ground and he almost instantly went towards the firefighter that had saved him, jumped all over him, licked all over him,” O’Keefe told NBC-DFW.

Emmerich told CBS he refuses to go into a homeless shelter because he would have to give Duke away.

“My dog, he’s my best friend. He’s the only thing I got,” he said. According to news reports, Duke will be able to stay with one of Emmerich's construction clients temporarily.


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