Dog Helps Rescue Elderly Owner Lost in the Woods

We often hear stories of dogs helping their owners or other animals who have been injured or become lost. For instance, a dog named Badger pulled his owner, Derik Hodgson, back home after he slipped on ice in a remote area and broke his leg. And an Irish Setter named Tillie made national headlines after she ran for help when her Basset Hound friend, Phoebe, became stuck in a cistern in the words.

And now another "Lassie-like" story to add to the mix:

An elderly woman’s dog is being credited saving the owner after she became lost in the woods for several hours.

According to WIVB 4 , an 82-year-old was walking her dog in the woods in the Town of Aurora, New York, but she traveled farther than usual and she got disoriented. After it became dark, she reportedly took shelter and released her dog to go find help.

The dog returned to the woman’s home where family members had become worried about her whereabouts. They were able to locate her several hours later. Both she and the dog were uninjured, police said.

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