Dog Finds Lost Toddler in Woods

The sharp nose of a hunting dog brought a lost little boy home safely in Louisiana last week, KPLC reported (scroll down for video). On the evening of Tuesday, February 23, 3-year-old Eli Alcock disappeared from his home. A neighbor and local pastor, Doug Downs, volunteered to help search with his hunting dog, Honey.

Though Honey had three years of experience tracking deer on hunting trips with Downs, she had never been trained in finding humans. “The pressure was on because you’re asked to do something you’ve never done before,” Downs told KPLC. But, her natural instinct seemed to kick in—several hours later, Honey located Eli in the nearby woods.

Since the incident, the boy and dog have bonded—but Eli’s mother is going to wait until he’s older to tell him how Honey saved him.


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