Cutest Ball of Fluff Today, Crime-Fighting Hero of Tomorrow

Billy looks like an ordinary German Shepherd Dog puppy, as he romps on the grass, fetches a ball, trots up and down ramps, and dashes through tunnels.

For this 12-week-old cutie, though, it’s not all fun and games. He’s the newest canine officer-in-training for the Devon & Cornwall Police. DCP has been raising crime-fighting dogs—in a program they call “the puppy scheme”—for 20 years. They get their dogs from breeders and, since 2013, through their own breeding program.

This video shows Billy’s visit to headquarters, where he got a glimpse of his course of study. He tried to pick up a bobby hat, fetched a ball, and easily maneuvered over agility obstacles, even though he will not be doing much of this kind of training until he is older and his bones and joints have the strength to handle such exercise.

Billy visits HQ

Posted by Devon & Cornwall Police on Friday, July 31, 2015

Already, there are signs that the pup has what it takes to keep the peace—intelligence, boldness, and a take-charge attitude.

In another video, Canine Development Officer Paul Glennon introduces Billy to a wading pool. The pup quickly stakes a claim, trying to keep a full-grown GSD from entering.

“The evidence is there for all to see a natural police dog in the making but discipline and control will need to be maintained to prevent him from getting into trouble in the future (bless him),” Glennon wrote in his blog on the unit’s puppies, where you can view the pool video. You can also see more of Billy on the Devon & Cornwall Police Facebook page and on Twitter.

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