Patches, New Jersey Crossing-Guard Dog, “Fired” from Job

Just before Labor Day weekend, Patches has found himself without a job.

The five-year-old Poodle-Maltese mix is owned by crossing guard Brad Curtis. Each morning, Patches would come to the intersection that Curtis monitors with his very own safety vest and stop sign. "He waits right on the curb until I take the step off and then he goes," Curtis, told Newswatch 16 when the local news station interviewed him for a feature on Patches. Unfortunately, that story caught the eye of school officials who said that Patches can no longer accompany Curtis to work.

Jersey Shore Area School District Superintendent Dorothy Chappel released the following statement:

"We have clear policies in the school district regarding any type of animal during the work day. Yes, he is a cute, adorable pet. The bottom line: there are always unanticipated risks with an animal. Any known distraction needs to be removed."

According to Newswatch 16, local residents are disappointed. Curtis, however, will continue his job without Patches.